Posts here are not for credit. The A-qualification minimum is now 30 ... to be achieved by midnight Thursday.- brtom brtom
---our ideas and opinions don't Count in life, do as your told, no one wants people to speak out and argue becuase they know themselves that there are problems too!

Dear Br. Tom
I’m writing you in regards to the posting. This letter is from a combination of thoughts throughout the class and not just me so please take the time to consider. To start off the posting should be lowered to 25 by Thursday not just because of the immense jump causing a large stressful work load for all of us students but also because there simply isn’t enough to post about. I have posted nonstop during this week and I’m up to about 25 but I have nothing left to write about. I felt worried and looked on other student pages to see where they are at and to my surprise no one had near the required amount and few came near the amount I had. So I’m asking you to please lower the postings for my grades sake and the whole class. We as a class have cooperated with this new more difficult site to post on and we have gotten no compensation for our extra efforts. In addition I believe that the class should get more computer lab time if we are expected do work on levels of a college curricular. If anyone else agrees please post a reply on this forum.
- BST BST Feb 26, 2008

I will agree with Blake because i thought that i was the only one with a low number of post but i found out today that most people do not even have 20 posts. I know you will probable not listen to me but other students are having trouble getting to that deadline. The complexity of this web site is like 8 times harder. I have tried countless times to get topics started but this wiki thing said there was an error. Before we could go on and it was the easiest thing to do. Just because someone posted bad pictures on there doesnt mean we have to suffer and pay the consequence just because some nerd wanted to put pictures on there because he had nothing better to do because he lives with his mom. Br. Tom said that he knew what was wrong and he knew how to fix it but thought he would lose his jog if this happened again. I know he will not care what i have to say Br. Tom but please give us a lot of peoms to read for the weekend and let us get that weekend to reach 35. Maybe 1 or 2 times out of the month we can go to the cimputer lab and just concentrate on posting. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee let the deadline be monday.
- sSi2 sSi2 Feb 26, 2008

Yeah i also agree with the post that have been left here by shane and blake because we were not properly warned of when the deadline was going to be. If i would have found out about it a bit earlier i could have posted many more times and maybe we would have time to reach the 30's or even the 40's. If the deadline would be moved into monday i think that i would do anything in my power to get at least 25 cretited posts.Peace.
- hre hre Feb 27, 2008hre

AGREED!!! I have 18 post right now and I am pulling everything together everything that I have taken notes on...and even pulled some random stuff out of my [back pocket] and I am at a loss of what to do now. Really with like 45 kids working on the same 10 things its pretty hard to come up with creative posts. Its so unrealistic. For english class I don't even think I'm learning anything except for writing styles for weak stories and poems and how to be insanely good at blogging. sweet.

AGREED!!!!!!!! i have no idea how many posts I have which is getting to be hard. I also agree that its hard to say what you want. By the time i get to post everything I wanted to say was already said and it is copying that person. I think this is very unrealistic and not help for an ENGLISH CLASS. I am usually a strong english student, but when it comes to posting it is tough for me to come up with ideas. I need to have more material with meaning and a realtion to me. I think through out all American Literture all we have read is poetry and short stories. I believe there must a some good books for out age written in these time periods. I HAVENT READ A SINGLE NOVEL IN THIS CLASS. It begins hard to post on poems because once someone wrote out the meaning... well what else can you post about. Just putting my thougts out there.

NOT A SINGLE NOVEL? I believe there was an independent reading assignment OF A NOVEL about a month ago, wasn't there? But don't worry; we get TWO NOVELS in the coming quarter. And boyo that will sure be fun!!! I can't wait.- brtom brtom Mar 2, 2008

Posting is a waste of time they are stupid and inconvient. I could spend more time doing something else for english like keeping a journal. This is to much of a hassle and they are worthless to me.
- ALe2 ALe2 Mar 10, 2008Ale2
Remember posting in this topic is non-credit ... as announced at the top of the page.

Brtom we get to read 2 novels next quarter?!?!?!? thanks! oh and what are they if im allowed to know

Ohhh my well i guess thats cool u know now we have more to write about in the wiki like anybody really wants to do that. I have serously lost most of the interest in this class and cant wait to get it over with. We have had so many things to write about that most of the time my thoughts carry on into something not related because i AGREEE it seems like we are copying everything someone else says.
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