What Parents don't understand

Have you ever felt like there isnt enough time in the day?

Well I know that I often do, I feel like I can never finish all of the things I need to. Parents often never understand why we feel so busy.
In the second sentence, put the word 'do' after the last word.- ewe ewe Mar 8, 2008

The problems are we have to balance our school work and activities, we end up staying up late and we need to have some free time.


There are two big parts of a teenagers life.

They are school and activities, such as clubs or sports.

We are responsible for both and they both take up a lot of time.

We owe our dedication to our teammates and coach's.
In the third sentence, change the word coach's to coaches.- ewe ewe Mar 8, 2008

They rely on us to be at all of the games and all of the practices.

These activities take up a lot of our time and limit the time we can spend on our homework or free time.

Being able to balance these two things have always been an issue.

We try hard and have to make time for both, even though it is hard.

We just need to find ways that will work for us, and that will fit in our schedule.

One way to help fit in homework time could be to work on it at lunch or in the car.

In the third sentence, change the word coach's to coaches.- ewe ewe Mar 8, 2008


I don't know about you, but I often get in trouble for being up too late.

It's not like I try to stay up late on purpose, its just that I have to.

parents don't understand that because we have so much responsibilities in order to fit all of them in i have to stay up late.

As teenagers most of our day is spent at school or after school activities.

When these activities are all finished we still have a few hours worth of homework that needs to be done.

We try to be responsible by getting them all done which causes us to have nights where we only get around 6-8 hours of sleep.

Capitalize the word parents in your third sentence and capitalize all of the I's that refer to you. Put a comma after teenagers in fourth sentence. Change needs to need in fifth sentence.- ewe ewe Mar 8, 2008


Teenagers are so busy that they need sometimes to just relax or have fun.
This free time can be pretty hard to get.

We are really busy with school, homework, and other activities.

We have a lot of responsibilities to do everyday.

We should always finish our priorities but when they are done we should try to have time for ourself.

The main thing is prioritize and manage our time wisely.

Switch the word sometimes and to in first sentence. Change last sentence to something like this: The main thing that needs to be done would be to prooritize and manage our time wisely.- ewe ewe Mar 8, 2008


Because we have a busy schedule, it is important for our parents to understand.

They often get frustrated with us because we are up late, but they need to understand that we only do this because we are being responsible.

We have so much to deal with like managing school work and sports, staying up too late and having free time.

Having our parents understand will make our lives a lot less stressful for everyone.

Change understand to realize in the second sentence.- ewe ewe Mar 8, 2008

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