His heart was darker than the starless night
For that there is a morn
But in this balck Receptacle
Can be no Bode of Dawn

I like this poem a lot. I’m finding a lot of Emilie’s poems have really deep meanings to them, and I’m not sure but a lot of them can be taken in different ways depending on how you think. I like to take some of her poems and stab at the meaning till I mold something that I think is as close is to what she intended and yet still has deep meaning for me. It think this poem is talking about a person that was very mean or cruel or had no feeling when she says his heart was darker than the starless night. She also call the heart a black receptacle which I think is kind of funny comparison to a person that probably broke her heart even though that’s kind of sad. The last line though I’m not sure of the meaning, Bode of Dawn must be an older term used back in Emily’s day, does anyone have a clue of what it means?
- BST BST Feb 26, 2008

I really like this poem because it is discribing something very real, but at the same time, Emily Dickinson does it in a way that is short and to the point. Dickinson is obviously talking about a man who has or had a very cold and mean heart. Her similies are also very important, especially when she is discribing how the heart can sometimes be cold but then it goes back to being kind again, but this man's heart always stays cold and cruel. She is basically saying that each heart has it's momentarily "cold" moments, but then eventually "warms" back up to the kindness that it usually contains again. But apparently this man's cold heart is never ever warm.
- ewe ewe Feb 26, 2008

Tough Words

Dawn/dark to men/ a man

Dickinson really does write about dark stuff alot, i mean come on, seriously no one can be this depressed. I think could be about a guy that really ticked dickinson over the edge or she is just tralking about men in general. It seems to talk a bit about dawn and dark. i think that it is talking bad about men and saying they are as dark as the starless night, but we are needed. I think that this poem is like the saying "women, can't live with em', can't live without em'," it's just the other way around. I don't know though it sounds a bit far fetched and i don't neccessarily try to come up with something that would sound rght, but something that i truly believe when i read the poem.

- GKE GKE Feb 26, 2008

This is yet another one of my favorite and well enjoyed poems by Emily Dickinson. As I can see, it's quite obvious that someone who was a cruel and negative man, treated her with the up-most disrespect. Perhaps she had a relationship with this man and in resulted in her getting heartbroken. She made it seem as if she this person was so cold hearted, that'd he never change. He's be this person forever. So, this man migth've really hurt Dickinson, resulting that she was in so much pain either phsyically, emotionally, or spirtually. Even though this poem was so short, I feel as if it had more meaning to it, compared to other one's she's written.- aow1 aow1 Feb 27, 2008

This was a very interesting poem, I also believe its about a man who maybe Dickinson had relations with or something like that. Thats obvious from the first line "His Heart was darker than the starless night." The last part of the poem was kind of hard, I searched what receptacle meant and it's a containter you keep something in. I still had trouble understanding what "But in this black Receptacle." This was a hard poem to really take much out of except it Is probably about a cold-hearted man who really hurt Emily Dickinson in some way, enough to make her write a poem about the whole situation. Overall, this was a very short poem obviously and I think if I had a little better understanding I would've enjoyed it more, and also I dont think there was really much detail to express towards this poem unfortunately. - jpu jpu Feb 27, 2008

I really liked this poem. It is short which is good, but it wasn't to difficult to understand. This poem isnt my favorite one by her, but it is one of the ones I enjoy. This poem is alot like the other ones she has written. She writes about death a lot and about dark stuff. This poem is pretty dark. This poem is about a man. This man has a dark heart. This poem has really good descriptions in it. For example: I like how she is saying that a heart can be cruel and can be kind. It is kinda saying that we have a lot of feelings. Although the man in the poem only has a mean heart.
I like GKE's point. He said that Dickinson could be talking about all men in general. And I agree because usually she talks about something which she doesn't mean literally. I also like what he said about how "women cant live with them, but cant live with out them". I think this is an interesting theory. But once I think about it, it could be true.
Overall I liked this poem.
- hla hla Feb 27, 2008

I am also finding a lot of Emily's poems to be good and i like most of them. Some of them are hard to get but the ones i get are really good and i can relate to them. I found this poem to be one of the better poems so far just because i got the meaning or at least the meaning that i think it is. I thought that this poem was short but not to short like that other one that is like 2 stanza's. It was not to long in fact it was perfect. If i did not know that she never had a husband or a boyfriend i would have said that she wrote this poem because she and her husband or boyfriend just broke up. Maybe her friend told her about her brakeup and how the guy was a jerk and then she just transfered those words onto paper. This seems like a poem someone depressed would write though.
- sSi2 sSi2 Feb 28, 2008