Why is it so difficult for adults to use a computer?

People my age make it so easy, why isn't it easier for them they are older and therefore usually wiser and smarter.

Even when they ask for help from people that know how to work computers they are still completely lost on what they are supposed to learn.

Also some of the things they need help with seem so complex to them but even people with little knowledge of computers do it in seconds and then they ask how to do that.

We tell them how do it and they don't even understand the first step that we tell them.


When you get a computer it always comes with a manual.

The first thing you should do is read the manual.

However, many people do not always understand what the manual is trying to teach you.

If that is the case, there are classes that you can take to learn everything you need to know about computers.

There are also CDs that teach you how to use a computer with a walk through.


I think the reason that adults don't understand how to use computers is because they are new to them and they didn't use them growing up so it is harder for them to adapt to them.

Although today almost all jobs require some knowledge of computers because you have to be able to use them in order to get the job.

Computers are made to make your life easier but sometimes it seems that they make life even harder, but think about it what would you be doing if you didn't have computers today.

You would be going to the library everyday for information, talking on the phone instead of e-mail or im-ing, making things more organized by imputing one piece of data into a spread sheet and everything will be fine rather than re-writing everything you have already written.

Not to mention that computers also run things all by themselves such as alarm systems, control airline traffic to prevent crashes, and GPS systems.


The reason that people of our generation know more about computers than adults is because we grew up with them and learned how to use them at a young age.

Most adults were around before computers became popular.

They need to practice to use them because they need to know how to use them to make things easier and more organized.


My best recommendation for adults to get better at using computers is to take a class about them, just the general information.

There are also CD-ROM's out there that you can use which are almost like walk thru's on how to use a computer.

Using a computer and understanding how to use one takes time, people of my generation have more time on our hands and therefore more time to learn about the computer.

Sometimes it can be frustrating when getting used to, which I am sure that everyone has experienced.

However, it does make life an unmeasureable amount easier to do work and organize information.

- BSc BSc Mar 9, 2008