Alex Spike
Br. Tom
American lit. C
March 10, 2008
Parents don’t understand
Parents like to say that they know about everything us teenagers go through. They think that we have to be perfect and always get good grades. Parents say that they were good in school and wonder why we aren’t as good. Parents just don’t understand about school.
First, parents don’t get why we are always tired. Studies have shown that kids these days don’t get enough sleep. The reason is that we just have too much going on. From homework and sports, to chores and work, there is almost no time to get sleep in with that schedule. On an average night I get about 7 or 8 hours of sleep. I am suppose to get at least 9. So I am usually tired during the day. Sometimes I may doze off a little in a class then I miss something. This eventually relates to me missing something on the test which brings my grades down. Then after school I have volleyball which takes up much of my time. Then I get home at about 7 if I don’t have ministry. When I do I get home at nine. There just isn’t enough time for sleep.
Another thing parents don’t understand is all the homework we get. Sometimes in classes I have homework that is piled up and just not possible to do. They think we should get it done no problem but the reality is that I can’t get it all done. When I have ministry I get home at nine which leaves me an hour to do homework then I end up getting less sleep. What are new and really unnecessary in the school are the independent study days. These just give you a huge pile of homework that makes the day dreadful. It is a lot of work that is given for a day.
The main thing parents don’t understand are all the distractions we have now a days. We can go form school and our boring lives to playing Halo with some guy in china. It is very hard not to get distracted by these kinds of things. We also have a big screen TV with a 500 channel satellite which I enjoy to watch. This is the hardest thing to avoid. With all these distractions sometimes school can get a little difficult to concentrate on.
Parents all want there kids to be smart and successful, but sometimes they put to much pressure on their kids to do well. School is difficult from sleeplessness and tons of homework, to all the many new distractions out in the world. School is getting harder to concentrate on and with all the added pressure from parents it’s a nightmare.