Poem Number 512
I also enjoyed reading this poem as a class. The first line in the poem "The Soul has Bandaged moments --" sort of gave me an easy overview of what the poem was about. I interpreted this first line to mean - there are times in each and every persons life where something is not quite right, and where we are given a bad "gut feeling" that something is wrong. This is the type of moment i felt was being described. I also took it as emotion. Certain types of emotion affect the way a person acts. A couple more lines down, the word FRIGHT is brought up. My final thought as to what Dickinson was really trying to get across to the reader, was that fright affects the soul. That the thought of fear is not just mental and does not just affect a person mentally, but also has an ending affect on them physically. The physical effects such as the cold and shocking state and goosebumps is an example of fear affecting a person physically. These ideas can affect a person tremendously. - mje1 mje1 Feb 26, 2008

I also agree. It seems to be that this poem was talking about the ups and downs in life, and how it's not always going to be an easy thing to get through. Not oly do we endure negative aspects in life physically but we can endure so much more pain emotionally as well. Also, when I saw the word fright, I immediately thought of the fear of doing wrong or getting mistreated in a very bad way. This could hurt the soul in a way. Dickinson was probably trying to interpret the fact that we all shouldn't live in fear. Things will happen in life and depending on how they turn out is just something we'll have to deal with. Wether it brings us sorrow, grief, pain, fear, or even happiness.- aow1 aow1 Feb 27, 2008

I thought that this poem was a very enjoyable poem to read. I think that this poem was talking about everyone's hearts. There are certain moments that stay with us forever and that will be in are hearts until the very last day we are alive. Certain moments will replay in our minds and will be an excape from reality. I think that it was an interesting choice of words when Emily Dickinson used fright and lover together. Love and fright is an interesting pair of words to use together because love is something that can scare you so much becuase it is one of the most powerful feelings in the world. But usually, love is compared to something like passionate and caring. A couple of lines that just intrigue me are in the very last stanza:

With shackles on the plumed feet,
And staples, in the Song,The Horror welcomes her, again,
These, are not brayed of Tongue

I think this symbolizes a depression from Dickinson. It's as though she is coming back to the world. I think maybe she is frightened of what will happen. To me it seems as though she is afraid of herself or the power that other people have. For example with love, she is afraid of her lover possibly because of what that lover can make her do and what she will become because of it.- ape2 ape2 Feb 28, 2008~ape2

This was a enjoyable and easy poem to understand. Dickinson is saying everyone's soul can expierence the good things in life, and the bad things. I really liked these 2 lines, "The soul has moments of Escape-- When bursting all the doors--." Dickinson is saying that the soul needs time away from everyday life. People don't ALWAYS want to be around other people, we and our soul need to escape sometimes. Although, (When bursting all the doors) that means we also have joyful moments we expierence as does our soul. Also, I looked at other people's post, and Im failing to understand where you guys see the aspect of fear in this poem? The only part i see is "She feels some ghastly Fright come up."? Overall, I might of interpreted the poem completley wrong but I also really believe for this certain poem their isn't a wrong interpretation the poem leaves open much room for people to decide what they think its about, which I definitley like. - jpu jpu Feb 28, 2008

I felt the same way all of these people did because i thought the 1st line gave the poem away also. I just thought it was another depressing poem but i kind of liked this poem because this poem is very true. It is pretty much saying that the soul experiences a lot of things over ones life time. The littlest things can affect one's soul and that in turn affects the way people act and sometimes it is good but other times it is not so good. I like how this poem makes us think and decide what affects the soul i like to think about that stuff. She is trying to say that we should not live in fear but we should have fun without thinking of what could happen although sometimes that is not a good thing to do.
- sSi2 sSi2 Feb 28, 2008