This poem is interesting and an almost sad poem. It is about a tiger out in the dessert who was dynig of thirst. There was no water closwe so he was just lying there whin the seker of the poem sees the tiger. She sees how sad it is and wants to get the tiger some water. She gets water but it is too late for the tiger it had already died. She speaks of the tigers eyes and how she clould see herself and the longing for water in its eyes. She didn't blame herself for not reaching the tiger with the water in time, nor did she blame the teger for dying. She was only upset with death itself that it had to take the tigers life.
- asp3 asp3 Mar 13, 2008

I agree with asp, this poem was sad but interesting. In my opinion I think that the tiger in the poem resembled someone that was close to Dickinson maybe a close relative. In the poem the tiger needs water and I think that she was trying to day that she had this person that was dying and needed something to help him. She says that the tiger sees her so I think that she was there when he died. Anyway the tiger needs water so she goes and gets it but on her way back to give it to the tiger it dies. She says in the poem that she doesn't blame the tiger for dying and stuff but she blames her self for not helping the tiger in time. I thought the way that the poem was written was very interesting and I liked the way she used a lot of figurative language.
- aar2 aar2 Mar 13, 2008