Empty my Heart, of Thee —
Its single Artery —
Begin, and leave Thee out —
Simply Extinction's Date —

Much Billow hath the Sea —
One Baltic — They —
Subtract Thyself, in play,
And not enough of me
Is left — to put away —
"Myself" meanth Thee —

Erase the Root — no Tree —
Thee — then — no me —
The Heavens stripped —
Eternity's vast pocket, picked —
I like this poem, but i laughed when i read it because it just reminds me how much emily writes about the negatives, like death and being heart broken. I do like her poems though. This one is pretty hard to figure out especially because we didn’t go over it in class but I think I can get the picture of what she is trying to say. First of all it kind of hard to tell in this poem if she I talking about her heart or dying. I would expect it to be death but I think it maybe a combination but more of the fact of her dying. The first stanza is talking about her heart and body being emptied of blood, and the day she is no more. The second stanza she is talking about how the world goes on without her, she is just subtracted yet it makes no difference to the world. The third stanza is talking/comparing her death to a dead tree, erase the root no tree, erase her body and no life. One more life has been plucked in eternity’s pocket. At least this is what I think, feel free to comment about my ideas. - BST BST Feb 26, 2008

I disagree with BST. I don't think Emily Dickinson is always writing about death or being heratbroken. Nor do I see as if sh's trying to protray it in a negative way. I just think she's trying to point out and explain important real life situations that we all come to deal with. When I read this, I don't even think this poem was about being heartbroken. In the first stanza, it's as if Dickinson was asking to be dead and implied that she wanted the main source of life (the heart) to be stopped. I can't say that I'm correct but it seems as if that's what she was trying to indicate. And, continuosly throughtout the poem it also seemed as if Dickinson wanted a place for herself in heaven. This poem could slighty be a hint that perhaps she wanted to be closer to God on an emotional yet spiritual level. - aow1 aow1 Feb 27, 2008

I do agree with Bst that emily is always writing about the negative and i think she is trying to portray real life situations. She is making these real life situations harsh though. Anyways why would you write about real life, if it is that hard then there would be no reason to double enforce it. I think that people if they think life is so bad they should write about good stuff. i also think that dickinson was a complainer a little bit too, i mean she wrote what a thousand or so poem and about 80% of them are about her heart being broken, death, or something else just as negative. She seems to be complaining in alot of them, i really am not making a case with this i just kind of get that feeling. So, don't take that last statemnet too far.
i think this poem is about a heart being broken, because it says that her heart is being emptied through on artery. the next stanza is about how she has really no gas left to go on, i think. I am pretty sure that the next two stanzas are very descriptive on the heart size, the baltic sea and the heavens with eternity. A vast mix of words that describe huge things.

- GKE GKE Feb 27, 2008

This poem by Emily Dickinson was pretty hard for me to follow. This poem is about death. Emily writes A LOT about death. I think that it is something that either worries her or something she thinks worries people. Although in her writing it seems like she has a positive view towards death. I agree with BST. On how she is always being negative. But I think that it is only negative it that is the way you view it. I think she is just trying to write about the truth, no matter how it makes us feel.
I think in the first line when she says "empty my heart" she could be talking about getting ride of like sins or feelings in her heart. I know people also said they thought Dickinson was saying that the heart was being emptied of blood, but I don't know if I agree with that statement or not. I definitely think that Dickinson is talking about the body and what happens to it when we die. I think the whole "heart emptied" thing goes along with dieing or, the "dieing" could be getting heart broken. And since you are heart broken, you feel empty.
This poem was pretty confusing for me, but it was still fun to read, and I do like Emily Dickinson's writing.
- hla hla Feb 27, 2008

I don't think this poem was in a negative way at all. In the first stanza, Dickinson talks about how she's emptying her heart and to me, it seems as though she is trying to start over. She wants to forget the things that have happened in the past. I don't really see the heartbreak in the poem, i just see it as trying to forget something in her past. I see it as her trying to figure out a place for herself in her new life, whether that might be Heaven or not. I think that overall this poem just states the fact that she is becoming a new person but holds, back because she says:

And not enough of me
Is left — to put away —
"Myself" meanth Thee —
I think that she is sayign that she might not be ready for death. Maybe something inside of her is lacking something and because of that, she isn't ready for her life to be over. During class today, we were talking about how some people after they die, don't know what to do so they come back to Earth. I'm not sure if this was the message that Emily Dickinson was trying to say but i think that she feels a sign of incomplete before dieing.- ape2 ape2 Feb 28, 2008ape2

I agree with Blake was this woman depressed or why does she write about negative things so much. There are not a lot of positive poems that she writes. Thius poem is sort of like cant stop for death. In this poem she is not ready or expecting death yet. This poem is talknig about her emptying her heart and it is not of blood but of stored emotions that she is finally getting out. This is letting her become a better person and that is a litle posotive atleast because almost all of herr poems are sad. Maybe she is heartbroken and she cant move on so she is slowly dying. This was a pretty hard poem to comprehend.
- sSi2 sSi2 Feb 28, 2008