I many times thought Peace had come
When Peace was far away —
As Wrecked Men — deem they sight the Land —
At Centre of the Sea —

And struggle slacker — but to prove
As hopelessly as I —
How many the fictitious Shores —
Before the Harbor be —

This is a rather interesting poem. I believe Emily is talking about the voyage to America or maybe just a simple voyage somewhere, maybe she sailed to America and she writing about it I don’t know. But the poem states in the first stanza that they thought they made it and the hardships were over when they actually really had much more to go. The second stanza states that people like her, hopeless to finish to voyage are wondering how many more false sightings before they find the harbor will there be. I’m only taking my stab at the poem but I think that’s what it is talking about, if someone has a different opinion please say so because this poem seems a little wishy washy.
- BST BST Feb 26, 2008

This poem is pretty interesting to me. I think that Emily Dickinson's poems are a lot easier to understand and read if they are shorter. I think that she is talking about war and how she thought that her country/society was finnaly going to have peace when, in all reality, they were far from having peace and that this struggle being discribed was only the beginning of a long, hard war that was apparently taking place in the ocean, too, because she talks a lot about ships and harbors.
- ewe ewe Feb 26, 2008

Tough Words
slacker-lazy being or organism

I really don't think there is a compare contrast here i think it is just about the effects of war.

This poem sounds like dickinson doesn't like war, hey, who does. Back to the point i think that this poem is about how war is back and that men do not come back from it and are "wrecked," or dead. I definitly do not think this is an expierience poem because i doubt that dickinson was a raging war mongerer. She thought that peace had come to her land, but then another war or battle at sea would rage on. Which seems to be the same way today, we never know when there is going to be a bombing. We think there may be some peace, but right at that moment a platoon is hit with an IED. Then it says that wrrecked men, i am assuming that means they are dead or changed by war, fight at sea. tehy seem to fight to prove whose shores are whose, and it seems hopeless to dickinson. They fihgt over whose harbours are whose, and there really isn't an end to it. I think that this is the most rlating poem to today becasue we have the same problems today, but i feel that it is the nature of men and there is really no way to overcome it.

- GKE GKE Feb 26, 2008

I honestly thought this poem made the most sense compared to Dickinson's other poems. I liked this poem a lot, not becuase it was short but I could actually interpret it and understand the true meaning behind it. I saw that Dickinson was trying to explain how herself and others were expecting a country with no problems and to have nothing but peace. But in reality, peace was farther away then it seemed, and with that said I think Dickinson was trying to show how much of a change she really wanted out of our country. Perhaps peace would've been that change Dickinson was looking for, only it'd not come sooner.- aow1 aow1 Feb 27, 2008

I thought this was a very interesting poem. At the same time, its very simple and short. I think Dickinson is just talking about how she thought peace was soon to be upon her and her land as GKE said. It was pretty easy to understand except some parts. In the first stanza, all she is saying is how she thought peace had come but it was far away, and the wrecked men of the war tried to spot the land from sea. The second stanza was a little confusing, the first line "And struggle slacker--but to prove," that was easy she is talking about a slacker (lazy person) having not been able to prove anything. The last 3 lines I struggled to find the meaning of "As hopelessly as I-- How many the fictitous Shores--before the Harbor be." Is Dickinson talking about herself when she says I? I would think so but thats where im confused, otherwise this was a very nice and relaxing short poem. - jpu jpu Feb 27, 2008

I actually liked this poem. I know some people had a hard time understanding it, but I think it was one of the easier ones to understand. In the first two lines she is talking about peace. I think Emily Dickinson could be saying that peace will come. Even if it looks like it never will. I think she is saying that she hates fighting and war, and wants peace in the world. I also think she could be saying that we shouldn't give up on things so easily.
I also think that Emily Dickinson could be talking about how when people first come to America they expect everything to be perfect, but when they get here they realize that it isn't. Maybe she is saying that the world isn't perfect but we shouldn't give up on it.
- hla hla Feb 27, 2008

I think that this poem is talking about what we are able to do and what we can achieve.
I many times thought Peace had come
When Peace was far away—
As Wrecked Men—deem they sight the Land—
At Centre of the Sea—

And struggle slacker—but to prove
As hopelessly as I—
How many the fictitious Shores—
Before the Harbor be—

If you read into some of the words, they talk about the narrator believing in peace of example, when peace wasn't with them. She seems to want to believe something so badly. Slackers-proving themselves, rising above of what they normally do, to prove a point or to make a stance. She must be trying to tell everyone something and make sure that they know she won't give up until they know what she is trying to tell them. I think that this is brave of her because it takes so much courage to put yourself out there.- ape2 ape2 Feb 28, 2008ape2

This poem is very interesting and it gets the mind thinking. This poem is pretty much about assuming when you should just be focused on making it through. She could be talking about her trip to America when she was a girl or maybe she is just using a medafor. This poem is saying even though you have made it through bad times you cannot stop for one second to rest you need to just keep chugging along and roling with the punches. The men are hoping for the best and in this case it is to see land and they are holucenating because they are in the middle of the sea so they could not see land unless it was an island.
- sSi2 sSi2 Feb 28, 2008

I like this poem alot! I can relate it to me and most everything around my life. The feeling that peace is so close but yet so far away. War and horror and death and jealousy in our world is surrounding our lives because of the war in our nation, but even yet we have made it so far to make peace in many communties. Like small things in our lives can bring us peace. Maybe its not the big WORLD PEACE but maybe its simple peace in our everyday life. A sign of hope, clarity towards one another. A small fight is settle between friends... peace. Peace is in us everyday but the main picture of out world isn't showing that. The news shows WAR DEATH TRAGIC MOMENTS, NEVER HAPPINESS SETTLEMENTS. We see the constint horrors and always believe that peace will never come, we chant for this WORLD PEACE but what if world peace isn't possible. What if world peace is just something we have to bring ourselves. Something simple, close but yet far because THE WORLD WILL NEVER BE IN PEACE unless we ourselves make small peace.

- epa1 epa1 Mar 2, 2008epa1