Today's work in the lab should consist entirely of reading and posting on poetry by Whitman. If there is some aspect of posting that you are still unsure of, use this time to figure it out. I will be floating around to help those who need it, but please remember that there's only one of me. So if a neighbor can help you, that's great, too. Remember to follow the directions about How to Create a Link on the Home page.

Please read the following, and carry on from there.

Welcome to Quarter Three of United States Literature and Composition

This quarter the wiki will be our Discussion Board.

How will it work?
  • As you see in the left sidebar, I have created Q3 Forums. This will contain links to each forum as we read the material.
  • When you click on a forum (Walt Whitman in this case), you will arrive at a page where you will create and link to any topic you care to write about.
  • So, create your brief topic description (under eight words) on that portal page, make it a link, then go to it and compose your post.
  • When your post is finished, go to your student page and create a link from there back to your post.

How will it be graded?
  • Your posts will be counted and credited for quality as in the past.
  • A = 45 credited posts, B = 35 credited posts, C = 25 credited posts, D = 15 credited posts
  • It is most important that you keep an updated list of your posts at your individual student page.
  • Other "non-posting" wiki work (such as collaborations and annotations) will be graded separately.

Note that I have replaced everything on your student page with a template for the new quarter. You will need to keep that page very up-to-date with links to your posts. Your grade will depend on it.

Please read Rules of The Road.

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