A few points that go without saying (but I'll say them anyway):

  • Always keep your own student page updated with a record of your posts.
  • Always identify the source of material you have taken from elsewhere. Add a link.
  • Never revise someone else's post; comment beneath it ... or, if it's a comment not to be counted for credit, click the "discussion" tab and express yourself there.
  • Never upload or post text, images, or widgets that are inappropriate by Carmel standards.
  • Never vandalize another student's work, i.e. never add, remove or change content in a deliberate attempt to be humorous or hurtful.
  • Maintain the same positive spirit of good-natured conversation that you used on the old discussion board.

We, of course, are not as complex as Wikipedia, but here are some redundant key bits (aphorisms and maxims) from Principles of Wikipedia etiquette:

  • Remember the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would have them treat you ...
  • Be polite, please!
  • Keep in mind that raw text is ambiguous and often seems ruder than the same words coming from a person standing in front of you. Irony isn't always obvious - text comes without facial expressions, vocal inflection or body language. Be careful of the words you choose – what you intended might not be what others perceive, and what you read might not be what the author intended.
  • Argue facts, not personalities.
  • Don't ignore questions.
  • Concede a point when you have no response to it, or admit when you disagree based on intuition or taste.
  • Be civil.
  • Be prepared to apologize. In animated discussions, we often say things we later wish we hadn't. Say so.
  • Forgive and forget.
  • Recognize your own biases and keep them in check.
  • Give praise when due. Everybody likes to feel appreciated, especially in an environment that often requires compromise. Drop a friendly note on users' (student pages).
  • Help mediate disagreements between others.
  • Take it slowly. If you're angry, take time out instead of posting or editing.
  • Remind yourself that these are people you're dealing with. They are individuals with feelings and probably have other people in the world who love them. Try to treat others with dignity.

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